PLC HMI 10.1 Inch RGB Color 65K

10.1 Inch PLC HMI with RGB Color 65K touch screen TFT LCD for industrial control use. Multi Industrial used from engineering to medical, etc.

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The 10.1 inch Intelligent TFT LCD Module withCotex-M4 32bit CPUcan be controlled byAny MCUvia simpleHex InstructionthroughUART port.

STONE supply theTOOL BOX Softwarefor engineer to Easy & Visually set various functions on Graphical User Interface, Such as Text, Number, Curve, Image switching, Keyboard, progressbar, slider, Dial, Clock and Touch button, Data storage, USB downloading, Video & Audio.

So it ismuch Easyfor engineer to adopt TFT-LCD Colorful User Interface & Touch control function on various industrial equipments, And it also canreduce much Development Time and Cost.

Easy Usage:

1.Design a group of Beautiful “Graphical User Interface”, And Set various application function on GUI by using our Tool Box Software.

2.Connect with customer’s MCU through RS232, RS485 or TTL level directly, Plug and Play.

3.Write a program for MCU to control TFT LCD Module via 4 pcs simple Hex Instruction.

For Example: Image Switching Instruction.

Send “0xA5 0x5A 0x04 0x80 0x03 0x00 0x01“, Display Image-01

0xA5 0x5A: Frame Head of each Instruction

0x04:Data length

0x80:Write Instruction to Register

0x03:Image Switching Instruction

0x00 0x01: Image_ID, Sequence number of the image Storage position

Application Area: Medical & Beauty Equipment, Engineering Machinery & Vehicle Equipment, Electronic Instrument, Industrial Control System, Electric Power Industry, Civil Electronic Equipment, Automation Equipment, Traffic Equipment,Etc.

PLC HMI 10.1 Inch RGB Color 65K


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